Our Services

Public Relations

We tell stories in a strategic manner. We believe in strengthening the relationship as well as the image between the public, the media, and governments.

Crisis Communications

We specialize in dealing with disruptive and unexpected events that can harm an organization, its stake holders as well as foreign governments.

Government Relations (Lobbying)

Influencing business and government leaders for you. We work with legislative bodies, government agencies, and departments as well as the United Nations.

Trade and Economic Development Programs

We focus on developing better trade for foreign governments.


We specialize in advertising trade and economic development on behalf of foreign governments.

Successfully worked with 28 foreign governments and over

250 US and International corporations in the past 40 years

Why government and international companies choose us ?

Creative Approach in Problem Solving

We approach problems by looking at the bigger picture and choosing which way works best

Value in Relationships

We understand the true power of networking and influencing and we value that importance

Our Expertise Spectrum

Our experience ranges from Public & Government relations, Trade & Economic relations and Advertising.

“We seek to make a tangible and lasting impact on our clients’ business and government, and that is what has set us apart for the last 40 years.”

John Aycoth, Founder