Public Relations

EAW GROUP LLC assists organizations in dealing effectively in today’s competitive – and often adversarial – public domain.

With the evolution of nearly instantaneous global communications and the growth of activism among the media, legislators and consumers, the ability to manage information and events can often mean the difference between success or failure of an important initiative.

We have a worldwide network of media contacts and maintain an ongoing dialogue with reporters and editors at a range of national, general interest, business and electronic media who help form public opinion through their reporting.

Our understanding of the media, of the techniques of information distribution, and of communicating to the diverse attitudes and needs among various audiences, enables us to gain third-party endorsement of products or issues and to build coalitions in the media, board room, or in the halls of congress, that are necessary to affect client goals.

EAW GROUP LLC can offer clients the following public relations services:

– Corporate positioning
– Strategic media relations
– Crisis communications
– Collateral materials
– Coalition building
– Media training
– Media monitoring and analysis
– Internal communications
– Marketing communications
– Product and service introductions
– Special events